Grant Application and Instructions

Thank you for your inquiry for a grant application from the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation is limited in gifting to the following geographic areas: Winchendon, MA,
Stamford and Worcester, NY. As a general rule, the Foundation will not make grants for meeting annual operating expenditures or for retiring existing debts and prefers to make grants of a non-recurring nature.

A report must be provided by the grantee which demonstrates that the project has been completed. Further funding will not be considered until evidence of completion of the project is received. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, all grants are made with the understanding that the Foundation has no obligation to provide other or additional support to the grantee. The Foundation encourages that applicants consider seeking multiple sources of funding so they are not dependent on the Foundation.

We request that grantees inform the Foundation immediately of changes in the taxexempt status of the organization. The Foundation’s fiscal year runs from May1st through April 30th. Potential applicants should submit the application prior to December 31st of the calendar year. Please be sure to complete all information requested on grant application and the application must be signed by the preparer and chief executive officers, if applicable.

Complete the Application On-line. Completing the application will require uploading attachments.

Signature Page- Required for submitting application on-line. Must be printed, signed and mailed to the address below.
On-line Application - If you are unsure of whether you will qualify for our program you may view the application by clicking the link below prior to filling it out online.

Print Application to complete and mail
Applications should be directed to:

Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation
Charles K. McKenzie, President and Director
101 Main Street, P. O. Box 160
Stamford, NY 12167.

Should you have any questions, please call Mr. McKenzie at (607) 652-2508.